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We are regularly loading cargoes on MPP / General Cargo vessel / RORO vessels in Europe / China / Africa / US and other sectors for Break-Bulk / Bulk Cargoes (I.E. Project, Heavy Lift, SOC’s Containers, IMO Cargo & Over Dimensional Cargos / Vehicles / Steel Pipes, Beams, Bars / Sugar / Bulk Aggregates / Coal / Limestone / Gypsum / Cement / DAP / Fertilizer / Sands / Interlocks / Rice etc.)


Super Ocean International (SOI), is specialized in Project Handling, Heavy Lift and RoRo Shipping / Transport. We offer turn-key solutions worldwide to our clients and ensure the highest levels of proficiency and expertise in the projects we undertake. SOI is also specialized in dry cargo/liquid & project cargoes chartering and Brokering and is one of the leading shipbroker/ ship operators in the Persian Gulf.  We operate and help to operate Multipurpose (MPP) vessels ranging from MPP to Panamax within PG/Red Sea/ Africa/India/S.E.Asia/Fareast /Europe / US Areas.

Since we have Authorized License to Trade in various Commodities and thus you can expect a lot of items which you can Secure from UAE, to name a few are:

All type of Building materials such as Pipes, D-Bars, Diff grades of Aggregates, Sand, Boulders Pavement Blocks etc. besides Machinery & other General items origin of UAE and sourced from Europe, India, Japan, & China.


Dry Bulk:

Super Ocean also provide their specialized marine services in Dry Bulk Market by catering their services in areas like SE Asia / FEAST / India / PG / Red Sea etc by covering sizes ranging from handy to Panamax and not limiting to cargoes like coal, steel, iron ore, limestone, clinker, aggregates, gypsum etc. We act as an intermediary between the ship owners, operators and the cargo owners so as to generate cost-effective transportation of goods and provide the best value for money.

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